The Grand Reference DaVinci "v4" 

Always looking to improve... This is the result: we upgraded the MKII and III to "v4". Exchanging some materials inside and outside. Even the motor became some upgrade.

And now here it is, the GREAT Grand Reference DaVinci "v4" with the new platter! The outer ring is made of brass can be polished, goldplated or chrome plated. 
Designed by Sandro Figi

Read the opinion of an customer by Audioexotics Forum March 2017: 
This time I really understand how does an arm change the game so much!  I listened to the Gabriel V3 with the original Virtu arm (bended arm tube with screw in headshell) twice after new AE showroom was opened.  

Master Chik installed the new Virtu arm (straight arm tube without screw in headshell) on Tuesday.  I happened to be in town and so I planned to spend 30 mins there.  Chik spinned the "Phantom of the Opera" record. After the first 3 minutes, goosebumps surfaced. The sound is so dramatically dense and human like. Emotions are passionately conveyed to me. At the climax where the bass lines are getting increasingly complex, the arm tracks so well as I can hear the energy is so controlled. To compare, the old arm sounds diffused. The arm has a lot to do with preserving energy. It feels like the amp is upgraded. The JMF bends well with the DaVinci.

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