Philosophy of DaVinciAudio

The philosophy of Peter Brem (he sadly passed away in 2013) lives on...

Carried by the vision and the passion to create soul-affected unique pieces...

Before describing DaVinciAudio, I would like to explain our audio philosophy. Priority number one, two and tree for me is pure SOUND! If you don't like music, if you don't like live concerts, if you are interested in technology only, please forget DaVinciAudio.

An hifi system is a way to listen to music at home, but today so many people listen to their systems and NOT MUSIC. So my recommandation is: go to as many live concerts as possible.

Many "audiophiles" even with expensive systems own a few test CD or LP. They play a disc and listen to the system, trying to hear defects, then spend time searching for improvements. Listening this kind of system, have nothing to do with MUSIC. Reproduction is totally different than production. It's impossible to reproduce live music at home through an hifi system, so we must look for aspects common to production and reproduction. In other words, we must choose what we want from a reproduction. We can't talk about reproduction reality, but we can talk about authenticity and how to reach it. I think that 's the only common aspect between the two kinds of music is EMOTION. It is in my opinion, the only thing that really matters. Emotion may be totally different from person to person. If you feel the emotions, then and only then you are listening MUSIC!

When I listen to music from an hifi system, I can hear within a few seconds if the sound is right or wrong. I can hear it, because I go often to concerts and because the right sound is instinctual. Why do many audiophiles listening music only for a short time? Because of the sound is not right. When we go to a concert and like the music, we never become tired of listening.

My team and I choose the way of MUSIC, that means with our devices you will enjoy hours and hours your LP's, CD's, high. res. files, tapes etc. etc.

Make this experience... it worth!

Peter Brem & team

To know more about DaVinciAudio, please read this interview with Peter Brem and Matej Isaak, from Mono and Stereo:

The Atelier

Passion of audiophile artistry.

DaVinciAudio stands for fine, pure and unique reproduced sound. Our devices are designed without any cost constraints, to reach the high musicality. Fanatic attention to details and unconventional circuit design may separate us from the mainstream.The result can be found from the immense musicality played through our instruments.

DaVinciAudio manufactures long lasting, easy to use audio products with a sophisticated, natural sound, among the best in the world. Our products are hand craftet only by order and delivered directly to customers or to our partners. If there is not any DaVinciAudio partner in your country, we are glad to assist. Our goal is to have very satisfied customers around the world.

Elegance redefined... discover precision, design and pure musicality!

A few impressions about our environment and the atelier...

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