Masters Reference Tonearm Virtu

Spectacular and extravagant, brings breathtaking unheard details!

DaVinci’s innovative new tonearm, the Master’s Reference Virtu is something! Peter Brem has developed an entirely new four-point, gimbaled, magnetic-sapphire bearing that is said to have almost zero friction. Also new is the provision for azimuth adjustment and a much-easier-to-use VTA dial with scale. (Exchangeable arm tubes—for best cartridge-matching—will also be offered soon.) When DaVinci announced the Virtu JV was skeptical, since one of the signal advantages of the Grandezza tonearm was its simplicity and the absence of adjustable (and hence resonant) parts. Clearly his skepticism was misplaced because the new arm is greatly superior in every way to the Grandezza (and to every other pivoted ’arm JV has heard). The bass especially is much deeper, better defined, and more powerful—at least on a par with that of the Walker Mk III—and the sense of air and space around and between instruments and the sheer breadth of its soundstage are stunning. Overall, the best pivoted tonearm JV has had in his system, and (unquestionably) his reference. (Review forthcoming) 

Jonathan Valin, Executive Editor TAS

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  • The magnetical bearing with sapphire
    The magnetical bearing with sapphire
  • an improvement for your vinyl collection
    VIRTU tonearm an improvement for your vinyl collection
  • You can exchange the curved version with the straight tube!
    You can exchange the curved version with the straight tube!

Master’s Reference Virtu tone arm: a superb product, with the vaunted Swiss precision. Uncompromising sound quality.

These are a few highlights:

Invention of a 4 point gimbaled magnetic- sapphire bearing

  • 1. New VTA adjustment
  • 2. New azimuth adjustment
  • 3. To a later time as optional accessories available:exchangeable tubes for best matching with your cartridges
  • 4. This tone arm has no anti-skating adjustment. Because in our opinion it doesn’t need it.

  • Technical details:

    Effective tone arm mass 21g
    Cartridge balance range between 5g und 22g
    Effective tone arm lenght (Distance tone arm pivot to turntable center: 295.60mm
    Distance from pivot to stylus 308.80mm

    Clear design, styled to impress, with a brilliant sound reproduction!


    Experience this world class tone arm, you will be more than impressed!